Direct Line to your PFF (Pharmacy-Friend-Forever)

  • Two-Way Text Capabilities:

    No more waiting on hold. Communicate directly with our pharmacy about new medications, refills, or just say hi. 

  • Regular Check-ins:

    We don't just drop off your medications and leave. We stay in touch. So, how's that new medication treating you?

  • Address Issues:

    Hiccups with your meds? Fear not! Should we need to play detective with your doctor, your old pharmacy, or tackle any pesky stock snags, we’ll ensure you're in the know every step of the way.

Making Health & Savings Easy

  • One-Stop-Shop: Everything under one roof, because who likes to shop around? Especially for meds.

  • Trusted Tips: Need alternatives? We’ve got the inside scoop on cost-effective choices, and we're not shy about it.

An Experience Made for You

  • Welcome Gift:

    New to Curative Pharmacy? Here's a swag bag to kickstart our journey together and help you take your medications regularly. Yeah, we want you to actually take your meds as prescribed. 

  • Customer Service Surveys:

    Talk about us behind our back. Seriously, we want you to. How else will we get even better?

Joining the Curative Pharmacy is easy!

By Curative, for Curative

Maximize your pharmacy benefits of your insurance plan, with your insurance plan’s own pharmacy. 

Or learn more about other pharmacy options and your pharmacy benefits.

The Curative Pharmacy

Let our Curative pharmacists follow up with you to answer questions and ensure you’re on the right track. Here's how to reach us.