At A Glance:

  • Broken Promises: High out-of-pocket costs, unclear policies, and limited plans push many Texans workers to compromise essential care. 

  • Survey Scope: Over 1,600 adults from Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio participated.

  • Key Finding: Texans' health and job performance are on the line due to monetary constraints and unclear policies.

Critical Insights:

  • The Talent & Health Benefit Paradox:

    14% exited jobs because of subpar health benefits.

    51% weighed health benefit packages heavily in their job choices.

  • The Affordability Illusion:

    • 59% are pinched by soaring deductibles.

    • 67% dip into savings or accrue credit card debt for medical bills.

  • Lost in the Coverage Maze:

    • 42% can't decipher their insurance coverage.

    • 53% are in the dark about out-of-pocket costs, even for covered treatments.

  • High Costs Lead to Risky Medical Decisions:

    • 57% bypassed preventive health checks in the last year.

    • A striking 68% with High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) postponed care, overshadowing the 52% without HDHP.

  • Performance Cost at Work:

    • 71% took time off due to health setbacks.

    • HDHP users notably reported more work disruptions tied to health concerns.

What We Propose:

For a healthier Metro Texas and a more effective workforce, we advocate:

  • Genuine Affordability: Cutting out towering deductibles and hidden costs encouraging people to get care when they need it. 

  • Increased Transparency and Simplicity: Dispelling confusion about coverage and expenditures.

  • Engagement in Preventive Care: Bolstering employees to prioritize their health, utilizing benefits without the looming threat of debt.

Unmask the Illusion:

Dive into the comprehensive insights, detailed breakdowns, and our holistic roadmap to reshape employer-based healthcare in Texas.