At a Glance

Broken Promises: High out-of-pocket costs, unclear policies, and limited plans push many workers to compromise essential care.

Survey Scope: 1,201 adults from Orlando, Miami, and Tampa areas participated.

Key Finding: Floridians’ health and job performance are on the line due to monetary constraints and unclear policies.

Critical Insights

  • Too Complex to Access Care

    44% don’t understand their coverage options

    40% have to jump through hoops to get care

    51% can’t anticipate out-of-pocket expenses for prescription medicines

  • Too Unaffordable to Manage Care

    55% say out-of-pocket costs have become expensive

    43% didn’t adhere to prescription medications

    51% postponed visits to doctors or specialists

  • High Deductibles Put Members At Greater Risk

    70% have deferred care or treatment

    60% can’t anticipate their out-of-pocket costs

    44% experience difficulties seeking an appointment

  • Quality of Health Benefits Matters to Talent

    51% say their employer’s health benefits influenced their decision to work there

    27% doubted their employer prioritized their health

    12% are dissatisfied with their employer’s healthcare coverage

What We Propose

Genuine Affordability: Cutting out towering deductibles and hidden costs encouraging people to get care when they need it. 

Increased Transparency and Simplicity: Dispelling confusion about coverage and expenditures.

Engagement in Preventive Care: Bolstering employees to prioritize their health, utilizing benefits without the looming threat of debt.

Unmask the Illusion of coverage

Dive into the comprehensive insights, detailed breakdowns, and our holistic roadmap to reshape employer-based healthcare in Florida.