Less sick days. More great days.

74% of insured Americans who struggle to understand their insurance coverage tend to take more sick days. We designed our plan with unmatched simplicity and cost transparency so employees can get the care they need as soon as they need it. And with $0 copays and deductibles, it’s coverage that really feels like a raise.

Step up for your employees’ health

Bet on better—for your talent, and your values

Avoid the trap of picking the traditional plans you’re used to. Give your employees a health plan that will actually take care of them, from setting up appointments to checking in after a surgery, without asking for a dime. There’s no better way to invest in your most precious resource.

  • 无自付费用。无免赔费用。不......是真的。

    员工在完成基线访视后自付费用为 $0。

  • 综合福利堆栈


  • 您的健康计划管家

    我们的 Care Navigator 可帮助会员充分利用其计划,全年全天候提供会员服务,专门的帐户管理使您的一切变得更轻松。



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You have great taste in health insurance

Make health benefits your company’s superpower

Top talent want health insurance that feels like a benefit, not a burden. Curative empowers your teams to show up every day as their happiest, healthiest, most productive selves.