A health plan that’s simple, approachable, and affordable

Cost barriers and confusion keep engagement low. Our plan takes out-of-pocket costs off the table and establishes rapport from day one. So when your employees need to see a doctor, they can trust us to be there for them (and they’ll love you for it). 


See what other HR Leaders have to say

"I encourage all my employees that if they have a question to reach out to Curative. Never before would I have ever done this with our prior insurance company.” – Melissa Johnson, HR leader at Polr Furnishings LLC dba Kaemark

Affordable access for everyone

Take well-being off the backburner

In the last three months, 35% of insured Americans deferred seeking care because of high costs. These are your coworkers, your friends, and maybe even you. With our plan, quality healthcare is convenient and accessible for everyone, regardless of financial status. 

  • No copays. No deductibles. No…really.

    Employees pay $0 out-of-pocket with the completion of a Baseline Visit. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. That includes preferred prescriptions.

  • Health and wellness check-ins

    Have surgery recently? Change your medication? We follow up to make sure everyone feels taken care of. Plus, we’re available 24/7/365. 

  • Affordable care for everybody

    Our no copay, no deductible plan covers in-network care and preferred prescriptions across the board. In fact, we have $0 medication options for nearly every condition.


Building a culture of health and wellness

Your health plan reflects your company culture. Get a pulse on the latest employer health plan trends and strategies that top talent seek.

Did you know?

We cover care across the nation

By partnering with First Health®,  we have a broad national network for Texas-and Florida-based employers. Try our search tool to find providers and facilities near you.

Know your employees are well cared for

Put your people first. Choose Curative.

Don’t let talent suffer in silence with health insurance they can’t use or afford. It’s time to choose a health plan provider that actually pays for healthcare.